Team Kimel and Jude worked together on setting up our new business Jude helped us with names, websites and the production of our courses which were going for accreditation. Jude kept us focused on our tasks and supported on every aspect of the set up. Judes knowledge is fantastic and he is a very personable guy, we enjoyed working with him and he has set us up well for the future.

Nic Lander / CEO Kimel Solutions and Kimel Foundation.

I worked with Jude to get more clients into my coaching business. With Jude’s support, he helped me brand and market my coaching programmes whilst putting me in front of those who I could add the most value to! Would recommend so highly.

Nicky Collins / The Autism Coach

Working with Jude challenged our “Why?” After 12 years of doing what we do, he helped us to reassess, improve, expand and provide the service we always wanted to. He is supportive, patient and really helped me to strip our charity right back and prioritise our core services, whilst increasing our memberships. The past few months we have developed 5 new training programmes with the support of Jude and now, our future is so exciting!! Thank You Jude!

Karen Mills / - CEO AP Cymru
jude morrow testimonial

The results are clear. More people are responding, signing up and referring – meaning better outcomes for more children and young adults, more opportunities for Hypnotherapists to work ethically, effectively and transformationally with more children, improved knowledge and expertise in the field of Neurodiverse Hypnotherapy, and further Quality Assurance for the Continued Professional Development of the sector. And to add to that, I’ve developed a business that has longevity, upscale and now owns intellectual property.

Thank you, Jude, it’s been Hypnoneurotastic! Can’t recommend you enough

EveLynne Charmer / Ed Elf Hypnotherapy

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