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There’s a big misconception that autism doesn’t have as much prevalence in females as it does in males. Let me say categorically that it is simply not true. There are a lot of misconceptions that Neurodiversity Training International seeks to eradicate, such as that females are somehow better at masking and seem to undergo more hormonal changes and that somehow prevents them from getting a timely diagnosis or even being able to self-diagnose. That’s really related to stressing and I don’t really like to bring gender into the autistic community because people can identify whatever way they want to identify.

What we preach is acceptance. Unfortunately, there seems to be a gap or a vacuum so to speak, out there whenever it comes to autistic females. Yes, there are many prevalent autistic female voices, but it does remain the same as that, there can be a hesitancy in diagnoses for autistic females. That’s something that NTI wants to progress, raise awareness of and hopefully, bring an end to in due course.

Jude Morrow



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