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A lot of people would say whenever they think of autism or autistic children that they see eye contact as some form of an issue. But I have looked far and wide for quite a long time to determine, in any society or culture where maintaining eye contact is considered cordial or good manners. I have yet to find it. The problem is that whenever people try to encourage autistic children to make eye contact, it is more distressing than just allowing them to communicate in a way that feels most comfortable to them.

Recent studies have been done regarding the prevalence of eye contact as an issue, a trait, or a characteristic of any individual child. The prevalence is much lower than people are led to believe. The accepted rate now is roughly around 5% or maybe a little bit lower, depending on the studies, and where they are from.

With me, I have never really had an issue with eye contact. Does that make me not autistic or less autistic than other people? Certainly not!

People communicate in different ways and that’s fine. Allow it!

Jude Morrow


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