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Autism “Awareness” training is dead! The only thing Autism Awareness Training Does – Is highlight the negativities and outdated stereotypes regarding autism and autistic people. Listen to autistic voices – let NTI deliver an autistic-led session for your School/Workplace/Professional Group or Non-Profit.

Jude Morrow is the founder of Neurodiversity Training International – Transforming societal views on autism and autistic people to benefit the autistic community, parents, teachers and professionals.

Many people have done some form of autism training in their time. Most people leave this form of training upset and fearful for the future. Not here! NTI is a motivational platform that champions a strengths-based approach for autistic people young and old worldwide.

We have delivered training on a global scale to change perceptions and attitudes. For many years – the expectation and burden of change has been levelled at autistic people. Attitudes, perceptions and cultures need to change – not us!



Read Jude’s story to self-acceptance in his globally-acclaimed debut book

Why does Daddy always look so sad?

Published by Beyond Words
Publisher of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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Loving Your Place on the Spectrum: A Neurodiversity Blueprint

Loving Your Place on the Spectrum: A Neurodiversity Blueprint provides answers to many of your questions about autism, helping you to embrace neurodiversity and love your autistic self and the autistic people in your life. Jude Morrow speaks from personal experience when he says that he has learned to be proud to be autistic and he wants you to be proud too.
Browse through the many books available on autism and you might notice a trend: too many of them are written by neurotypical professionals who aim to “fix” autism or help autistic people appear “normal.” Jude Morrow noticed this problem and decided that something needed to change.

Loving Your Place on the Spectrum is a guide for living a happy and successful autistic life.

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All products, services and systems need to have the backing of the autistic community – I help companies achieve this using both my autistic, and professional perspectives as an experienced practicing social worker. From idea, to concept, to production, to marketing – and to the approval of the autistic community.

I also help non-profit organisations generate more donations, more interest and further outreach by adopting a Neurodiversity Approach. Further to this – we help your business establish a product/service that empowers you to be self-sustainable. We will get you accredited to bring your organisation credibility and generate more sales.

We love helping non-profits to build a truly helpful organisation that the autistic community will support in full. From assistance with web-design, copywriting, campaign building, restructuring, logo design, social media presence and organic outreach.

We also love welcoming individuals who offer coaching, consultancy and other services. We will get you generating income, getting clients and serving the autistic community by adopting the Neurodiversity Approach to all that you do.

The medical model is fast vanishing, from a business perspective, you are on a sinking ship! To ensure and accelerate your growth, let us catapult you into the Neurodiversity market. Book a call today at the button below.

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